Gordon Cox

Gordon Sensei, originally from California, is the director and teacher. He brings a background in a wide variety of instruction and education forms, great personality, sense of humor and music ability to the school.

Saori Cox

Saori Sensei has been a Nursing Professional for over 15 years.  After studying and earning her California Nursing License, she worked as a nurse in California for three years, she and Gordon returned to Japan to build their life and family. Since starting the kindergarten, she has worked as a te

Emi Okubo

Emi sensei has been teaching at the kindergarten for over 9yrs. She became a fluent English speaker as an overseas tour guide. She received her English teaching certification in 2011 and has been studying Montessori hands on for the past 4 yrs. All great fun. えみ先生は6年以上セントジョ

Nao Susaki

Nao Sensei has a wide range of experience in working and studying throughout the world. Able to speak English and Chinese, she studied in America and taught Japanese while living in China. なお先生はアメリカ留学、貿易会社勤務、中国での日本語教師と経験豊か 双子の